Welcome to Weibel Lift

Do you want to perfectly integrate your projector in the ceiling of your conference room, multipurpose room, office, living room, bedroom, or even in your private home cinema in such a way that the projector is not obtrusively hanging from the ceiling when not in use? Then you are exactly right with Weibel Lift!

Weibel projector lifts are unique in terms of precision and can be integrated from a net installation height of 180 mm in hollow and concrete ceilings. The accuracy of the Weibel projector lifts is achieved by the 4 guiding spindles, which are synchronously operated by a chain drive and a 24 Volt motor. The tolerance for extending and retracting the Weibel projector lifts is approximately 0.1 mm, allowing perfect ceiling integration in the business world as well as in your smart home. Additionally, a Weibel Lift always extends to the exact same position, ensuring that the image on the projection wall does not shift.