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Menzingen, Switzerland

Weibel Lift is a registered trademark of Audio Power Operations AG

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    In the framework of our outstanding customer service, Weibel Lift offers you the opportunity to extend the standard warranty from two years to five years free of charge. To do so, please fill out the following form. Weibel Lift does not disclose your data to third parties without your permission. An extension of the warranty is only possible with registration at Weibel Lift.

    After submitting your data, you will automatically receive a confirmation of registration within 24 hours. If you have made a purchase outside of the United Kingdom, please contact the local distributor for further information on the warranty policy. However, we still recommend registering your product in our database even in such cases.

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      Weibel Lift has dealers around the world to showcase our products and provide our customers with the best local service through professionals. Please select your country to find a Weibel Lift supplier near you.