Weibel XL 350

The Weibel Projector Lift XL 350 is the largest lift in the XL series. It can be integrated into a hollow or concrete ceiling with a net installation height of 350 mm + cover thickness. The XL 350 accommodates projectors with a maximum width of 575 mm and, in the standard setting, a height of up to 270 mm.

The XL 350 provides sufficient height space for all projectors that can be installed in the XL series. In comparison to the XL 290, the XL 350 has a slightly greater lift, bringing the projected image slightly further down and allowing it to overcome potential obstructions like a distracting lamp.

Technical data

Primary: 85 - 265 Volt / 50 - 60 Hz /
Secondary: 24 Volt DC
97 Watt
Supplied ready to connect to:
up/down switch, infrared remote control, radio remote control, media control.
Safety controller including electronic monitoring
2 potential-free contacts (normally open) terminal connection, RS 232
25 kg
Maximum load
75 kg
10 kg
285 mm
Ceiling niche (W x D x H)
965 x 540 x 350 mm
Maximum Projector dimensions (W x D x H)
575 x 500 x 270 mm
Ceiling closure
Prepare a 16 mm MDF-cover plate

The depth dimension depends on the niche depth and is not restricted by the lift!
** For all ceiling cutouts, the height of the finishing cover should be added.

Supplied with the lift
  • Easy-access rapid change tilting mount
    Universal tilting moun to secure and aim the projector within the lift.
  • Up/down switch as aid for installation


Downloads XL (Horizontal/Normal)


Installation layout for concrete ceiling

Installation layout for hollow ceiling

Operating instructions


Downloads XL (Vertical)


Operating instructions

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