Weibel XL 230

The Weibel Projector Lift XL 230 is the lowest lift in the XL series. It can be integrated into a hollow or concrete ceiling with a net installation height of 230 mm + cover thickness. The XL 230 accommodates projectors with a maximum width of 575 mm and, in the standard setting, a height of up to 165 mm.

The XL 230 is often a problem-solving solution suitable for low ceilings. Whenever possible, we recommend working with an XL 290, as it provides more height space for future projectors!

Technical data

Primary: 85 - 265 Volt / 50 - 60 Hz /
Secondary: 24 Volt DC
97 Watts
Supplied ready to connect to:
up/down switch, infrared remote control, radio remote control, media control.
Safety controller including electronic monitoring
2 potential-free contacts (normally open) terminal connection, RS 232
Weight of lift
24 kg
Maximum load
75 kg
10 kg
165 mm
Ceiling niche (W x D x H)
965 x 540 x 230 mm
Maximum Projector dimensions (W x D x H)
575 x 500 x 165 mm
Ceiling closure
Prepare a 16 mm MDF-cover plate

*The depth dimension depends on the niche depth and is not restricted by the lift.
** For all ceiling cutouts, the height of the finishing cover should be added.

Supplied with the lift
  • Easy-access rapid change tilting mount
    Universal tilting moun to secure and aim the projector within the lift.
  • Up/down switch as aid for installation


Downloads XL (Horizontal/Normal)


Installation layout for concrete ceiling

Installation layout for hollow ceiling

Operating instructions


Downloads XL (Vertical)


Operating instructions

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